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A local favorite among all, is the stuffed cheese also called “keshi Yena” in Papiamento. Stuffed cheese consists of a large round ball of cheese stuffed with shredded chicken, beef or pork, prunes and raisins, local spices and peppers, and cashews or chestnuts that is baked in the oven and served with fresh tomato, garlic and basil

October 2018 is all About Local Food in Aruba

If you love food, Aruba is always a great vacation destination to visit.

We have more than 250 eateries scattered all over the island and trying one you haven’t been to before, is always an exciting experience. But if you’re a foodie visiting Aruba during the month of October, you’ve really hit the jackpot. October is Eat Local Restaurant Month in Aruba!

Once again, several restaurants in Aruba have geared up to showcase their unique take on local food. Participating restaurants provide two-course $15 lunch menus, and/or three-course $30/$40 dinner menus. All menus have one thing in common: Aruban flavor. Whether it’s a traditional dish served without breaking any rules, or a complete reimagining of an old favorite, you’re sure to leave each restaurant One happy diner.


This is the official Eat Local 2018 page with links to all of this year’s menus.


Eat Local Restaurant Month


To get an idea what kinds of dishes these restaurants will offer keep reading! We’ll break down a few plates on the Eat Local Menu.

Dining area at The Kitchen Table by White at Blue Residences.

The Kitchen Table by White

With just 16 seats arranged along a long u-shaped table, this restaurant offers a very exclusive dining experience. Especially for the Eat Local Restaurant Month, The Kitchen Table by White has crafted a top-not lunch menu, of course, for just $15!

The restaurant opted for some truly traditional dishes. My choice for lunch would certainly be the ‘Johnny Cake Bacalao’. Johnny cake is a savory deep fried pastry reminiscent of bread. It is cut in half and filled like a sandwich. Bacalao or salt fish is what we call salted cod fish here in Aruba. To dress this traditional dish up egg salad, pickled onions and lettuce were added. Sounds delicious! Check out the rest of the menu here:


The Kitchen Table by White Menu


Que Pasa Restaurant

Que Pasa

While the name may suggest that Que Pasa places its focus on Latin American food, the restaurant actually has a very international appeal. Dishes are prepared with a European twist, but many different cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Dutch, and Japanese are served. For our restaurant month, however, Que Pasa has decided to craft a three-course dinner menu with international favorites infused with local flavors for $40. The dessert really jumped out at me: Hot banana with chocolate and caramel sauce, served with coconut ice cream. You can find what else is for dinner here:


Que Pasa Menu


Red Fish

While this restaurant is already known for its great selection of local seafood. The team at Red Fish still decided to put together a little something special for the restaurant month; a delicious lunch menu. One of my favorite local dishes is featured as an entrée here: Balchi Pisca. A very flavorful local fish patty or ball. In Aruban homes, it is often served with funchi (slightly stiffened and sometimes fried polenta) and creole sauce (a local red sauce with a light tomato base). Speaking of fried funchi, it’s an appetizer option on Red Fish’s lunch menu too! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Click here for the rest of the menu:


Red Fish Menu


Moomba  Beach’s  open-air  restaurant  offers  a  variety  of  options  for  lunch and  dinner  and  a  fantastic  view  of  the  ocean!  Soups  and  salads,  an assortment of sandwiches, as well as meats and seafood are available for lunch and for dinner.

MooMba Beach Bar & Restaurant

For a laid back beachy dining experience, MooMba Beach is a great choice. Many people know MooMba for its great cocktails and vibrant nightlife, but it’s also a great place to get a good meal after a relaxing day at the beach. For the Eat Local Restaurant Month, MooMba has crafted two mouthwatering menus; lunch and a $30 dinner. I cannot wait to try the grilled brochette entrée. Beef, onions and bell peppers with polenta and chimichurri sauce? Yes, please! Have a look at the rest of the menus for more irresistible eats:


MooMba Beach Menu


Ike's Bistro, located at Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, reveals a heavy influence of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine fused with Caribbean ingredients. Healthy dishes are in no short supply, like the Sea Bass, which is pan-seared and served with sautéed spinach, quinoa, cauliflower, and a coconut-saffron sauce.

Ike’s Bistro

Dining is always a delight at Ike’s Bistro on the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa property. The team has a way of treating you like royalty and family at the same time. While this Mediterranean and Caribbean restaurant already incorporate many locally inspired flavors with their regular menu, they have compiled some very special options for their $40 dinner menu for month of October. One of Aruba’s popular local snacks is kroket, the Aruban variation of the croquette. Ike’s played with this local concept and added a vegan potato croquette served with mesclun salad to their menu as an appetizer. Hungry yet? Be sure to check out the rest of the dinner menu here:


Ike's Bistro Menu


There are many more restaurants participating all throughout October, remember to have a look at the official Eat Local Restaurant Month Page linked at the top of this page.


Global Culinary Experience at UA in Aruba.

Culinary Experience for a Cause

Also taking place in October, is the Global Culinary Experience fundraiser event planned and hosted by local students. The EPI college’s Hospitality and Tourism Unit, and the University of Aruba’s Faculty of Hospitality, Tourism and Management Studies under guidance of Executive Chef Paul Zijlstra of DiviTamarijn Aruba, are preparing a very special dinner to be held on October 13, 2018 on the beautiful grounds of the University of Aruba. Last year’s first edition was lovely. The students provided top notch service, the venue was decorated to perfection, and the food was absolutely incredible. This year, students are preparing an exciting taster experience for over 200 guests. Welcome cocktails and musical entertainment are included. Visit the event page for more information.


Global Culinary Experience


There are plenty of great dining experiences for you to enjoy this October. To find out more about Aruba restaurants in general, just have a look at our dining page, just try not to browse on an empty stomach. Bon appétit!


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