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The 2018 Aruba Art Fair: The Hub for Local Expression in San Nicolas

Calling all artists and art aficionados! The Aruba Art Fair is gearing up for its third edition this year.

The highly anticipated happening is scheduled to take place from October 5th to October 7th.

In September 2016, Aruba's first Art Fair was held over three days. 
Brushstrokes of creative energy painted the town with new life, with 12 renowned street artists from all stretches of the globe—including Portugal, Mexico, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Argentina, Curacao, and Germany—using the architecture of San Nicolas as their canvas.

About the Fair

On each day, the fair will present numerous art expositions and sales. There will be a multitude of local food to try while you enjoy various art disciplines like live music, dance, poetry, and even fashion. One of the elements that keeps people talking about the Art Fair long after its over, is the striking street art that decorates the city of San Nicolas. Created by artists from all over the world in such a short time, but proudly displayed for many years to come.

Agostino Loro, Jorit Chi has Dutch origins but consider Naples its absolute city. His name “Agoch” is known from Africa to the United States. He specialized in human faces, all represented with scars that stand out on those more realistic traits than ever scars, that for the artist are a symbol of that “humanity”, that unites his subjects.

The story of Bertha, hand painted on the wall with spray is found at the Piet Heinstraat – Bernhardstraat. Bertha, Isabel’s mother was murdered in March 2016.

“I fight and fight again, in my mother’s name.” Bertha Isabel Zúniga Cáceres, belongs to a family of luchadores.

Women who struggle to safeguard their land, Honduras, and its natural resources. Bertha holds rallies, she fights for the protection of the rights of the Lycian people, threatened by the works of the multinationals and harassed for years by the death squads. Bertha, is a warrior princess and lives forever now on this wall telling her story so people will continue fighting for equality, for justice and above all for the abandoned children all over the world.

If I was only allowed to use one word to describe the Aruba Art Fair, I would choose “appreciation”. During the previous two editions it became clear that everyone, participants and attendants alike, was so appreciative of what was going on. Appreciative of the various art disciplines that were showcased; of the sense of community we all felt; of the beautification of San Nicolas city. It is definitely a “when you go, you know” affair.

San Nicolas

There is no better place to host such a culturally substantial event. San Nicolas, also known as Sunrise City, is the cultural capital of Aruba. It wasn’t just randomly picked either! San Nicolas city holds many answers to questions about our past, our heritage, and our industries.

Water Tower in San Nicolas Aruba

While you’re out and about in the city, be sure to visit our Community Museum that had its grand re-opening on September 27th 2018. Here you will learn about the distinct identities of our people, our customs, and much more. Just a short walk away is the Museum of Industry, located on the inside of our historic Water Tower. You’d be surprised at Aruba’s diverse industrial history.

Promotional Image for the Otro Bista Short Film by Mario Gonsalves and ATA.

A Grand Premiere

A very special short film will premiere during this year’s Aruba Art Fair. It’s called “Otro Bista”, by local creative Mario Gonsalves in collaboration with the Aruba Tourism Authority. Otro Bista is a phrase in our native Papiamento that roughly translates to: a different perspective. The short film will showcase various perspectives of Aruban culture. It aims to be nostalgic for those who’ve experienced growing up Aruban, and enlightening to those who haven’t. The people involved in bringing this short film to life hope to instill pride in our local community while making use of rich visuals. Become one with our One happy island during the official premiere.

Click Here for a Sneak Peak!

The third edition of the Aruba Art Fair is going to be exceptional. Bring a friend or make new ones there. You’re guaranteed to leave the event with an “Otro Bista” on art, community, and Aruba as a whole.



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