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Blog Post Marcy Yu

Things to Do in Aruba as Told by Marcy Yu

The Caribbean journey has officially started over here!

Finally excited to start sharing with you my 3 months exploration in the Caribbean region which began with the one happy island of Aruba.

I had visited this happy island a couple of times when I used to work for Ralph Lauren. But honestly never had a time to actually explore around because I was always so limited in time.

After this trip I can feel confident enough about telling you how beautiful is Aruba island.

Blog Post Marcy Yu

Climate and Background

Aruba is a small Dutch island in the Caribbean with only 32 km long and 10km wide which is part of the ABC Islands. The local language is Papiamento (language that mixes Portuguese, Spanish and English) with a truly fascinating, colorful, unique culture and of course know for it beautiful turquoise waters and beaches. The climate is quite dry,  arid landscape, covered with beautiful cactuses.

The sun-drenched capital, Oranjestad, has a rich history that dates back to the eighteenth century and has a modern and colorful culture.

Blog Post Marcy Yu

I took a direct flight from Panama with Copa Airlines that its approximately one hour and 45 minutes long.

Two weeks on the happy island of Aruba flew very fast, but I think one week is still enough to explore the island.

Blog Post Marcy Yu

Things to do in Aruba

Here is my quick guide of things to do when you visit this island:

1. Visit the flamingos: 

There are only two ways to do visit this cute animals. The first one is staying at the Renaissance Hotel since the flamingos are on their private island and it is for exclusive access of the hotel guests. Second way: if you are not staying with Renaissance Hotel, they sell a certain amount of tickets to the public.  But they are limited so I recommend you plan ahead and go before noon.

2. Make a UTV off-road tour:

Definitely one of the most fun activities to do on the Aruba island, if you like extreme sports and if you like to visit desert. I did this with De Palm Tours and the good thing about this tour is that you can visit several touristic and emblematic points of the island including: Ayo Rock Formations, Andicuri, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, Alto Vista Chapel, The Natural Bridge and The California Lighthouse.

3. Paddle boarding: 

It has definitely become my favorite water activity and without a doubt it is an excellent exercise. And it is also great for photos. I had previously done paddle boarding before but in Aruba I officially graduated as a paddle boarder with Dennis from Aruba Surf and Paddle School who provide the best classes. I improved my technique and paddle around 5 km in a day which is a great exercise for your body.

4. Rent a car and visit some of Aruba beaches: 

Renting a car is super easy not only because the island is incredibly small, but also has super good roads. You can enjoy all those beautiful beaches that Aruba offers. Some of them we visited were Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, Manchebo Beach, Malmok Beach and Palm Beach. My favorite for sure was Eagle Beach.

5. Visit the capital Oranjestad: 

Great architecture with many colorful buildings, that you can capture for your Instagram. In Orajestand you will find a variety of charming places, cozy shops and restaurants just steps away from the Renaissance Mall.

6. Go Shopping

Aruba is well known for its incredible shopping and certainly has a mall with some of the best clothing brands located in the Renaissance Mall in the Oranjestad.

7. Sunset dinner on Manchebo Beach

One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in the Caribbean with pink pastels colors. Without a doubt the best way to end your trip in Aruba.

Blog Post Marcy Yu

Where to stay?

Aruba has a wide variety of hotels according to your needs and budget options. I had the opportunity to stay in 3 different hotels, each with different categories and recommendations according to what you are looking for.

1. Bucuti and Tara:

A 4-star adults hotel only. Located in  between the best beaches on the island Manchebo Beach and Eagle Beach, surrounded by baby palm trees, with white sands and turquoise waters. I recommend it to newlyweds or to celebrate anniversaries, as it is quite intimate and romantic. The rooms are quite classic and contemporary.

2. Ritz Carlton Aruba:

5-star hotel located on Palm Beach on the island. It has great facilities and a variety of restaurants. Definitely has a great mix of audience from more adult, families, and young couples. A great choice for having fun and different activities.

3. Ocean Z:

Small luxury boutique 4 start hotel. Very charming hotel located in another beautiful beach: Malmok Beach. It has a fairly modern design with spacious rooms and outdoor showers. Definitely recommended for those couples or people who prefer a more personalized service and prefer not the all-inclusive deals and massive hotels.

Blog Post Marcy Yu

I hope you enjoyed my short guide to Aruba. I believe this happy island is great getaway for family holidays, couples and friends.

Stay tuned! I will be sharing more details about my favorite hotel on Aruba one happy island.




Marcy's Hotel Review

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