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Xa On The Go: First stop, Indonesia? Nusa brings all the spices to the yard.

Part of a great vacation is choosing where you’re going to eat. Breakfast is only the beginning of your vacation food journey in Aruba.

You can either choose the typical American breakfast found at most places or go for a more adventurous chicken-and-waffles and breakfast tacos. For dinner, however, you probably want to try out new places and different flavors. The problem is that we have so many options here on the island that it’s hard to narrow it down. Unless you’re visiting for months on end, you won't be able to try everything. Believe it or not, Aruba’s culinary scene is like no other in the Caribbean. It’s constantly evolving, becoming better and better.

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In this new series, Xa on the go, I’ll be exploring, tasting, and experiencing all Aruba has to offer, one spot at a time. Join me as I try some of the most hyped restaurants on the island, experience fun activities, and explore Aruba’s wonders.

As a local, Nusa is one of those places that always catches your attention as you drive by. The cute little garden terrace, complete with string lights, is so inviting. I finally had the chance to try this new Indonesian restaurant myself, and the experience was exactly what I expected. The ambiance was the perfect set-up for what was to come. The service was great from the start. Our table ordered a 9-dish “rice table,” which, as the name suggests, is nine different dishes that can be shared amongst everyone. There are even plenty of vegetarian options to choose from.

Nusa Restaurant Culinary and Ambiance Photos

When at a new restaurant, it’s very rare that you get to try so many menu items in one sitting. So this was, of course, a treat! Our server brought out some kroepoek (prawn crackers) with peanut sauce to snack on because we were starving! We enjoyed our cocktails and the breeze while we waited for the colorful feast to come.

What stood out as we waited was that Nusa’s “setting” feels incredibly authentic. Like you’re part of Oranjestad and are meant to be sitting there at that moment in the time. From our table, the open kitchen window was the perfect entertainment. It was nice to see our dinner in the making and the chef herself creating her signature dishes.

Nusa Restaurant Culinary and Ambiance Photos

As they put the food on the table, everyone got quiet. You know how they say you eat with your eyes and nose first? For a second, I forgot where I was. How do I tackle this? Do I go in on everything at once and fill up my plate like a truck driver, or am I going to be a classy young lady who only takes a little bite of everything and gently wipes my mouth while I sip my cocktail? Yeah, no. I went in! The spring rolls were crispy and delicious, and the beef stew (which is cooked for hours!) with the fluffy nasi was an explosion in my mouth. Sorry for the graphic imagery. The shrimp skewers really brought me back to the island feeling I had when I had just arrived. Everything was delicious!

Chef Wayan really knows her spices and has mastered the art of cooking Indonesian food. I left with my belly full and my heart happy. I will definitely be stopping by for some more mouth explosions in the near future. Fun fact: Nusa means island in Indonesian.

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Xa On The Go is a series in which I explore, taste, and experience all Aruba has to offer, one spot at a time. Join me as I try some of the most hyped restaurants on the island, experience fun activities, and explore Aruba’s wonders. 


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