May 16, 2017

Aruba Tourism Authority introduces Free Wi-Fi Zones Aruba

Aruba Tourism Authority introduces Free Wi-Fi Zones Aruba

The Aruba Tourism Authority proudly introduces free Wi-Fi zones in renowned areas around the island, in order to enhance our visitors’ experience. 

Snap a picture of the perfect sunset when you are at Eagle Beach or Mangel Halto beach and post these right away for your friends and family. Sshhtt… they don’t know you are trying to make them jealous.

Going to Arikok National Park or Casibari Rock Formation? Enjoy our wide range throughout both parks, this way you can stay connected while you indulge in your curiosity.

If after these trips you are looking for a fun local spot to relax, sip away a cold one or to savor some local snacks, Plaza Turismo is the place to be. Connect and share your best Aruba moments!









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