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Cruise Terminal

Aruba Cruise Port: Travel, Beaches & More

Arrive in style at the Aruba cruise port and start exploring our island. What’s your activity for today: shopping, sunbathing or sightseeing?

Cruise port in Aruba on the map 

Wondering where the Aruban cruise port is located? You can find it on the northern side of downtown Oranjestad, the capital of the island. The walk to Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard will take five to ten minutes, depending on which of the four docks your cruise ship is docked.

Shopping near the Oranjestad cruise port in Aruba

Oranjestad offers everything you need if you want to go on a shopping spree. Walk from the Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard all the way to the Renaissance Marketplace. Check out all the local goods and souvenirs that are for sale at the shops and market stalls. 

Follow the tram tracks to Havenstraat, Schelpstraat, and Main Street. These streets are sometimes forgotten, which is a shame because you can find some lovely shops and boutiques here. They run parallel to the boulevard and are within walking distance from the Aruba cruise ship port. 

Aruba beaches near the cruise port

Surfside Beach is a smaller beach that is the closest to the Aruba cruise port. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to this sandy beach. 

Eagle Beach is located west of Oranjestad. It is recommended to take a taxi or public bus to Eagle Beach. It isn’t far - just a ten-minute drive - but walking may take some time. Time that you could be spending on a sunbed or swimming, which is preferable over walking if you ask us! There are lots to do at Eagle Beach: water activities, sunbathing, swimming, beach bars, and fine dining. 

Palm Beach is located north of Eagle Beach. It is a little further, but definitely worth a visit. Just like Eagle Beach, Palm Beach is full of great restaurants and beach bars. Palm Beach is easy to reach by Arubus or taxi. 

Spending your time in Aruba sightseeing

Obviously, there’s lots more to do in Aruba than just sunbathing and shopping. If you want to make the most out of your limited time, try one of the excursions. A local guide will show you all the secrets and highlights of the island. 
Renting your own car is also a great idea. This way, you can explore the island when, where, and how you want. 

When you arrive at the Aruba cruise port, your options for activities are endless. 


The cruise port is located in Aruba’s capital Oranjestad. Turn right on the Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard to the Renaissance Market or follow the tram tracks to Havenstraat or Schelpstraat. It is the perfect place for a shopping spree or stroll along the colorful boutiques. 


If you are looking for those famous, white sand Aruban beaches near the cruise port, there are multiple options. Within walking distance is Surfside Beach. Turn right on the Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard and after a fifteen minute walk you can dip your toes in the sand at the beach. Other possibilities are taking a taxi or Arubus to Eagle Beach or - a little up north - Palm Beach. Both are larger than Surfside Beach and you can find many beach bars, restaurants and water activities here. 

Make the most out of your limited time by renting a car and exploring the island on your own. Drive either north or south and discover the many secrets this island offers. Return in time to the Aruban cruise ship port for a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant or a sunset dinner on a cruise.

We’re just getting started with the amazing effects Aruba has to offer. Dig into your trip details below to unlock a Caribbean experience that will fill you with sunshine and send you home with a happy afterglow that never fades.

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