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Aruba's Money - Florin.
On the 4th of June 2019, the Central Bank of Aruba introduced a new series of florin banknotes. The new florin banknotes are a celebration of the life and beauty of Aruba and includes elements from the Island's rich culture, flora and fauna.

Tipping in Aruba

Learn everything you need to know about tipping a bartender, waiter, taxi driver or bellboy with our Aruba tipping guide.

Have you experienced great service at the pool bar, in a restaurant or during any activity on the island and you wish to reward the friendly, hardworking individual with a tip? Know that it is not mandatory but very much appreciated! 💵

Some restaurants and bars add a service charge of more or less 15% to the bill for groups. You can see this service charge at the bottom of your receipt. The service charge does not go to your server, but is collected into a "pool". The restaurateur then takes this and distributes it among the whole staff including the kitchen personnel. The highest percentage of this goes to the highest ranked in the restaurant and the smallest percentage to your server.

Hadicurari Culinary Secrets Vegan food

Tipping is common in the service industry as a way to thank the service worker for their time and service. You can always decide to leave a tip for your server in addition to the service charge to show your appreciation to that individual.

💡 A service charge on your bill is not a tip for your server/waiter

If your bartender always has your drink waiting or the housekeeping does a great job keeping your room tidy and clean, you might want to give them a tip. 

Rates in Aruba taxis are fixed. However, if your driver did a great job, shared useful information, handled your luggage carefully, and even provided great conversation, you might feel like tipping. The Aruban taxi driver, as well as all other service workers will certainly appreciate it. 

The Aruba Effect

Faces of Aruba fisherman

The One happy island is known for its white sandy beaches, sunshine, and friendly people.

🤍 We appreciate you and thank you for showing our hard working people in the service industry some love. Danki (Thank you)!

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Aruba Travel Guide App

Get this expert island guide with tips on places to visit, customized trip itineraries, offline maps, augmented reality and trip sharing.

These images showcase the process of the passenger arrival at the Aruba Airport and the testing facility

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Get ready for your trip to Aruba by completing your online ED-card.

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Breakfast Spots

Breakfast hotspots

We are serious about breakfast in Aruba

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they say. I say it’s the FIRST important meal of the day when you’re in Aruba.

Lima Bistro Aruba

Business in the spotlight

Xa On The Go: If you follow the North Star, it will lead you straight to Lima Bistro.

I want to start this one by saying, “I love my job!”. Located on the Oranjestad Harbor, this hidden gem now holds a special place in my heart…

Business in the spotlight

Xa On The Go: Bringing Tulum to Palm Beach. Caya House is where good taste lives.

The series continues, and my next stop is Caya House, one of the hottest new restaurants on the island.

Aruba by Cruise

Short visit to Aruba? These are the top 9 experiences to have.

So, you’re in Aruba for the next few hours; now what? Your heart says, see everything! But your mind knows that’s impossible.

We’re just getting started with the amazing effects Aruba has to offer. Dig into your trip details below to unlock a Caribbean experience that will fill you with sunshine and send you home with a happy afterglow that never fades.

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