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15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

15 Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination Wedding

There is nothing more magical than a destination wedding. Especially if it's in Aruba.

There are many top reasons to choose Aruba for your destination wedding. I’ve put together a list of fabulous considerations as you begin to plan your dream wedding. Everything under the beautiful Aruba sun is available here for your wedding. From stunning beachfronts and idyllic weather to fun-filled watersports. And the list goes on and on. Here are my top 15 reasons why Aruba should be at the top of your dream destination wedding list.

Reason 1) Aruba’s Diverse Culture

I love that Aruba is a warm, beautiful and such a multicultural island. Once here, your wedding group will discover there are four languages spoken. Listen intently, and you’ll hear the languages of Papiamento, Dutch, Spanish and English, communicated throughout the island.  Additionally, there are ample opportunities to learn more about Aruba Culture too.

Wedding tip: Add “Bonbini,” to your wedding invitations. It’s a warm “welcome” in Aruba’s Native language.

Reason 2) Accessible Aruba Flights and Cruises

You can fly to Aruba from almost any country in the world. Over 100 flights arrive in Aruba each week. Most importantly, you can book one-stop connections from most US and Canadian cities. And don't forget many cruise lines also dock in Aruba. Cruise destination weddings are certainly on the rise these days. Your destination wedding expert can help assist with finding the right cruise line or resort for your nuptials.  A world of dramatic rainforest waterfalls, romantic historical ruins await your group arrival!

Wedding tip: For best savings, book your flights out as far out of arrival as possible. Mid-week flights can also provide welcome cost savings.

Reason 3) Aruba’s Idyllic Island location

"Where is Aruba located?" It’s a question frequently asked to me by my wedding clients. Aruba is located in the Southernmost part of the Caribbean Sea. What I love about Aruba for destination wedding groups is its intimate size. It's only 20 miles long and six miles wide.  Providing a very intimate island feel for your wedding vacation group. Regardless of your group size, an Aruba destination wedding provides both relaxation and unique activities, nightlife and top-notch excursions. I love this breakdown of  Aruba regions which offers great information for what may work for your wedding vision.  

15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

Picture Courtesy of Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino

Wedding tip: Check with your travel expert in advance about pre-booking a group activity. That way, your guests can save the date for a fun-filled group activity together to celebrate your wedding!

Reason 4) Aruba Dream Destination Weather

Destination wedding couples often ask: "What Caribbean Island gets the least amount of rain"? Well, it’s Aruba! Aruba weather is lovely year-round. This is because it’s conveniently situated just outside the hurricane belt. The rainy season is also lower than other surrounding Caribbean Islands. And closest to the perfect romantic wedding weather you have always imagined for your special day. For local Aruba Weather, here is a handy weather guide. Great for wedding planning and also to pre-check your destination wedding week's weather!

Wedding tip: For summer weddings, bridals will want to consider make-up that wears well in humidity.  As the summer months, especially August, tend to be a little more humid than the winter months.  

15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

Spectacular beach wedding ceremony: Photography Courtesy of

Reason 5) Best Pricing Times to Arrive

Let's face it; Aruba is a fantastic destination to marry year-round. However, there are some perks to marrying in between April and August. It's off-season as far as tourists are concerned. This equates to better wedding group pricing all around. Suppliers during these times are also more able to offer additional group wedding perks. Similarly, guests may want to stay longer as well due to the discounted hotel rates. 

Wedding tip: An experienced travel wedding expert can make all the difference in providing and negotiating the best rates and best times to go for you and your beloved group.

Reason 6) Getting Around is Easy

You need to know about Aruba that getting around the island is very easy and completely safe. The roads are modern and effortless to navigate. Choose from public transportation or taxis. Airport transfers to and from the airport to your chosen resort may be included in your travel package. Resorts also have help desks available on property to book transportation for group site seeing attractions and excursions.

Reason 7) Hassle-Free Entrance Requirements

Aruba is making visiting this beautiful island simple. Many of our wedding groups arrive from Canada, the US and the UK. You’ll be pleased to know that you won’t need a Visa to enter Aruba from these destinations. And many other countries are also visa-free when it comes to entry. Of course, COVID-19 has opened up new regulations and restrictions on travel. My Wedding Away UK offers some additional travel tips with airports and destinations you’ll want to check out.

Wedding tip: Aruba resorts have done an exemplary job meeting and exceeding the client’s health and safety needs. Resort websites have great additional information available regarding COVID-19 and general health and safety standards while on property.

Reason 8) Weddings are a Legal Breeze Here

Some brides choose to have a traditional and legalized wedding in Aruba.  You can have this completed in the quaint and charming Civil Townhouse. Though relatively very straightforward, there are a few things you’ll need to know in advance. You’ll need long copies of your long-form birth certificate. You’ll also be required to provide an Apostle and negative statement. These can be obtained prior to your arrival into Aruba. This however will depend upon which country you are arriving from. Ask your wedding travel expert to assist you with this vital information.

Wedding tip: Most couples do their legal marriage paperwork at home before travel. However, they encompass all of their own unique and desired traditional wedding practices on their wedding date.

Reason 9) Great Group Things to do While in Aruba

Whether your group is large or small, I highly recommend setting up a group activity during your wedding vacation stay. Spending the morning, afternoon or entire day together can create an unforgettable lifetime memory for your guests. De Palm Tours is a great company to check out as far as popular excursions. Want to party the night away with your group. Then how about a party bus tour of the island with It’s a disco on wheels and a ton of group fun. Family-owned EL Tours offers an insider’s look at the island's hotspots and laid back island charm. The most incredible and unforgettable group wedding memories are yours for the asking!

15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

Photo Courtesy of Barcelo Aruba

Wedding tip: Take a quick and easy questionnaire with your group pre-arrival to see what popular group excursions are what your group is most keen to do.

Reason 10) The Best Time to Get Married in Aruba

Luckily, Aruba is far away from the hurricane belt of the Caribbean, Making it an ideal destination year-round for weddings. Even so, if you are looking at a more budget-friendly wedding, you’ll want to avoid the peak season of January to March. For the slight chance of rain but plenty of sun and fun, set your wedding date between April and August. Of course, your dedicated travel agent can assist with price options year-round to see what specials and rates will work best for you.

15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

Simply Divine Beach Wedding Venue: Photo Courtesy of Pureocean Restaurant at Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort. Photography by Demian Gibbs Photography, Décor Credit: Eventions and Shar’s Flowers

Reason 11) Aruba is a Very LGBTQ Friendly Wedding Destination

Our dearly beloved LGBTQ couples are always looking for a safe and enjoyable destination to exchange their vows. In this case, I highly recommend Aruba! Did you know Aruba was the first Caribbean island to allow LGBTQ wedding ceremonies (legal documents have to be arranged in the couple's home country)? These days Aruba warmly welcomes our same-sex couples. And best of all, the locals are so warm, friendly and inviting. And put our LGBTQ community entirely at ease while vacationing here.   We want our couples to look forward to their destination wedding wherever they choose to marry. And here in Aruba, you will have unforgettable memories of your time spent here.

Reason 12) Honeymooning in Aruba

Your wedding festivities are now just a wonderful memory to reminisce about for a lifetime. So, where do you go on the island to enjoy the ultimate honeymoon?  A couple of great options would be Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa and The Ritz Carlton Aruba. The Ritz offers up a dream spa that embodies everything found in a tropical oasis. You’ll enjoy healthy gourmet food options and rejuvenating spa treatments, day in and out.  The Manchebo Resort is another excellent choice. Take a long leisurely couples’ swim in the privacy of Eagle Beach’s beautiful blue Caribbean ocean.  And don’t forget to book a candlelight dinner on the beach. How incredibly romantic will that be!   

15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

Courtesy of Hilton Aruba Resort and Casino

Reason 13) Aruba Beaches – Second to None

Destination wedding couples seek Aruba for many things. But above come for the spectacular beaches. They are so diverse and incredibly stunning. Whether a water lover or sunseeker, two beaches stand out here in Aruba. The divine white sand beaches of Eagle Beach and the bluest of Caribbean ocean at Palm Beach.

15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

Lovely Aruba Beach Bride at Sunset!   Photography Courtesy of

Eagle Beach

This gorgeous beach has one of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches in the world. It offers endless stretches of pearl-white sand and uniquely beautiful divi-divi trees. Not to mention boasting the clearest of Caribbean water. You may want to consider marrying on this spectacular stretch of beach. If so, then look no further than the Bucuti Beach Resort.  It's a divine property for celebrating an intimate or extravagant wedding affair. The staff here will exceed your every expectation. And you’ll also want to consider the Tara Beach Suites for a divinely extended honeymoon stay. 

Palm Beach 

You'll find Palm beach just a bit up the coast from Eagle beach. This strip of sublime beachfront is also home to a plethora of shops, restaurants and bars. Glamourous high-rise hotels offer one-of-a-kind wedding packages—one of my favorite picture-perfect golf club resorts in the Tierra del Sol Resort and Country Club. Here you can consider renting vacation rental homes for your group wedding stay. Or stay at one of the select all-inclusive resorts.  

Wedding tip: This is where your destination wedding travel agent can be worth their weight in gold. They are helping you navigate your very best options for your fantastic beach destination wedding celebration.

Reason 14) Spectacular Wedding Venues

Are you looking for something truly unique and different for your dream wedding reception? You are going to find it in spades here in Aruba. How about the ultimate in the laid back beach atmosphere The Flying Fishbone Restaurant. It offers up charming servers that dish out the most delectable gastronomy. All while guests enjoy a stunning beach sunset right on the deep blue Caribbean waters. Or how about a hilltop Italian restaurant for your fairytale wedding reception. The Faro Blanco Restaurant boasts spectacular views of the South Coast. And it’s located directly adjacent to the famous Lighthouse Landmark (Great for getting in those additional wedding shots!).

Reason 15) Aruba’s Divine all-inclusive wedding resorts.

There are simply too many unique offerings at Aruba’s finest all-inclusive resorts to mention here. But we’ll give you a sneak peek at the best of the best. And not to worry about over-the-top pricing. Many of Aruba’s all-inclusive resorts can be very budget-friendly. I’m highlighting some of my favorites below. However, it’s always a very individual choice for wedding couples. Group size and overall budget can help determine your perfect resort fit.

Dream weddings can be yours at the top-rated Divi Aruba All-Inclusive wedding resort. It's a perfect location for exchanging your toes in the sand ceremony. Consider having your cocktail reception at the popular Sandpiper Bar. Keep in mind this bar is also ideal for a beach BBQ or barefoot beach reception. Afterwards, the Alhambra is perfect for smaller or larger wedding reception dinners. The Divi Aruba also offers the Island's newest ballroom. Have a full-out disco lighting reception for an unforgettable wedding reception.  Check out their video link as well for more fantastic wedding tips.

15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

Sandpiper Bar-Beach Area. Photography by Aruba photo and Films. Décor Credit: Eventions, Shar’s Flowers and Koolman’s Flowershop.

Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino

The Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino is my go-to property when it comes to larger group weddings. Their grand ballroom can easily handle up to 900 of your beloved wedding guests. And guests will love the terrace or beach for your exchange of vows. Hilton is a well-known and loved resort chain.  You and your guests will be well taken care of throughout your wedding stay, choosing this iconic resort for your wedding nuptials.  

Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

The  Aruba Marriott Resort offers a dazzling array of venues, whether you choose to marry indoors or out. I love the cocktail party option at the trendy H2Oasis Pool. Mercát is another excellent ceremony location. Both work perfectly for an evening wedding reception, pending your group size. Comprehensive wedding packages mean you can customize your wedding to your heart's content!

15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

Courtesy of Aruba Marriott Resort and Casino:  Beach Ceremony Set up

Barcelo Aruba

Your favourite view of the day will be staring into your partner’s eyes as you exchange your intimate vows.  Your second-favourite will be the setting of the Caribbean Sea that surrounds you at the Barcelo Aruba. From each venue and every room, guests will enjoy Instagram-worthy views. Unlike many properties on the island, couples will enjoy the updated style. And have easy access to a more lively part of Palm Beach. When you officially wed, take the time to go on an adventure with your friends and family. Whether the nightlife, water sports or even, cultural immersions this truly is a unique destination wedding location.

The Ritz-Carlton Aruba

The Ritz Carlton Aruba offers couples truly magazine-worthy wedding ceremonies and receptions. My favorite option is the eternity bridge. It’s the most charming location on the property. Tranquil waters, warm ocean breezes will envelop you and your beloved guests as you exchange your vows. Whether the tropical oasis of the gardens or grand ballroom, this 5-star property hosts up to 450 of your treasured guests. Additionally, the spa can be the perfect place to host your pre-wedding bridal party.

15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

Courtesy of Ritz Carlton Aruba -Beach Cocktail Reception Set Up

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

Many couples choose the picturesque Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort for their wedding stay. Surrounded by two Fofoti trees, you and your guests will have the ultimate in beach wedding ceremony locations.  Choose the beach throw pillow option for a casual ceremony. Imagine soft pillows set up along the beachfront. All while your wedding guests bask in the Caribbean sun as you exchange vows. Very affordable wedding packages are also offered at this one-of-a-kind Aruba resort.

15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

Courtesy of Amsterdam Beach House Beach Wedding Ceremony

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about the top reasons to choose Aruba for your Destination Wedding. Its glimmering white sand meets the fabulous blue Caribbean Sea for a lifetime of destination wedding memories.  As always, I highly recommend working with a reputable destination wedding travel expert. Utilize their expertise and experience to help you book the carefree and stress-free destination wedding of your dreams.


Liz Moore
Destination Wedding expert

Liz Moore is the owner of two award-winning travel agencies. Liz Moore Destination Weddings and My Wedding Away UK. Her 15 years of wedding travel expertise have enabled her to help couples over the past 15 years with fabulous destination weddings worldwide. Love in life and love of travel!

Liz Moore - 15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination 15 - Top Reasons to Choose Aruba For Your Destination

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