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Aerial view of the shoreline at Eagle Beach

8 Beaches You Must Visit on Your Aruba Vacation

Aruba, known for its incredible beaches and sunny weather.

The pearl white sand and clear blue waters alone should be reason enough to pay a visit to the One happy island

Over the past couple of weeks I tried figuring out which of all the amazing beaches here belong to my favorites. Every beach is unique and special in its own way. Of course, the best way to figure out your favorites is to simply come and visit all of them yourself. But for now, I will help you get an idea of kico ta kico (what is what) by describing some of my favorite spots on the island!

1. Palm Beach

Before I ever set foot on Aruba, Palm Beach was exactly what I expected the island to be like. High rise hotels, palm trees, white sand, clear blue waters; basically everything you need and want in life (at least for me it is). Palm Beach is the perfect example of luxury at its best. There are plenty of fun activities to do if you are looking for some adventure. You could take kite/windsurfing classes for example, or challenge yourself on one of the tubes. Besides all of that, you can also just take a moment to relax and enjoy the beach while enjoying a drink.

Palm Beach Tube


2. Eagle Beach

Voted third best beach in the world and I can definitely see why! Home to Aruba’s famous fofoti trees and the widest white sandy beach of the island, Eagle Beach is a must visit and a favorite of many. This gem is located just south of the hotel area (Palm Beach) and offers the perfect site for a nice, chill beach day.


3. Boca Catalina

See beautiful sunsets or go for a swim at this cute little bay. Locals love to hang out at Boca Catalina as it’s both beautiful and tranquil. It is also a good spot for snorkeling and families of all ages. Boca Catalina is located in the Malmok Beach area and easily accessible from the spacious parking area just alongside the road.

View of the Boca Catalina Beach in Aruba


4. Tres Trapi

Not far from Boca Catalina there is a small cove with a rustic set of stairs (Tres Trapi means 3 steps) leading to a charming little beach.

Tres Trapi Beach in Aruba.

Tres Trapi is unique for all of the colorful starfish you will find there when snorkeling as well as for the turtles that like to pass by and eat. Be sure not to touch them and admire them from a safe distance.


5. Mangel Halto

The perfect sunbathing and snorkeling spot in Aruba has to be Mangel Halto for its calm, shallow waters and rich sea life. Mangel Halto offers public beach huts and shaded areas that are good for lunch or to watch one of the incredible sunsets of Aruba. A sand beach, wooden sun deck and the possibility to go kayaking or SUP boarding, Mangel Halto really has it all. 

Mangroves at Mangel Halto in Savaneta Aruba

This magical place is located in Pos Chiquito, on the southwestern coast of the happy island.


6. Rodger’s Beach

Immediately west of famous Baby Beach, you can escape the crowds at Rodger’s Beach.

This beach offers a very relaxing, almost private vibe. For some, the view of the oil refinery might be a turnoff but for me personally, I think it only adds to the whole scenery and surroundings of Rodger’s Beach. This small beach contains a lot of unique picturesque places and beautiful aesthetics.

Quinty van der Meer blog author for


7. Andicuri Beach

Body-boarders love to come to Andicuri Beach for the stronger surf and its waves. Besides that, the setting here is breathtaking so also worth a visit if you are not planning to go body-boarding or looking to enter the water at all. The road to get to Andicuri Beach is an adventure on its own but definitely worth the drive. Travelling a little further will take you to Black Stone Beach which can be a nice addition to your trip. Andicuri Beach is situated on the island’s windward coast, just south of the collapsed Natural Bridge. Because it is a little harder to reach it’s a place where many locals like to go to find peace and quiet.

Aerial shot of Andicuri.


8. Arashi

This white sand beach is located north of Malmok Beach, off the road to the California Lighthouse. Arashi beach is great for swimming and families. There are several beach huts, a bar and plenty of parking spaces. The beach is also a fun place for beginning body-boarders and due to its abundant underwater life, perfect for snorkeling.

Now that I told you all about my favorites, it’s time to find your own! Come visit us and explore the One happy island, the beach is waiting for you.

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