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Romantic Highlights-  Aruba Eagle Beach

Count the Ways

From experiencing the people, landmarks, and climate to embarking on outdoor adventures, this culture-rich island offers countless ways to smile.

Aruba is commonly known as ‘One Happy Island’- a well-earned name brought to life by its inhabitants. Rich in history, culture, and activities, the island has many ways to share happiness with its visitors. From experiencing the people, landmarks, and climate to embarking on outdoor adventures, this culture-rich Caribbean island offers countless ways to smile. These Aruba facts help guarantee one thing - you're sure to discover your favorite way to fall in love with Aruba. 

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Beauty(ful Weather) & The Beach

Only 20 miles long, Aruba is the perfect destination for discovering world-class cuisines, relaxing spas, fancy casinos, cultural festivities and other entertainment without feeling overwhelmed, lost or unsatisfied. With a tropical, semi-arid climate and monthly temperatures averaging between 80 and 84.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the island is a fantastic all-year-round travel destination. Rainy days are rare, with Aruba barely seeing 18.5 inches of rainfall annually. This means your Aruba activities are with sunshine and warmth. Don't forget to pack sunscreen - with seven miles of beaches, you'll need it!

Whether you want to go snorkeling, just relax on the beach or participate in any of the other plentiful water activities, Aruba offers it all. The western and southern coasts of the island boast gorgeous beaches where the waters are calm and the sand is soft. Whether you choose Arashi, Malmok, Mangel Halto, Baby Beach, Palm Beach or Rodgers Beach you'll be in for a treat.

Nature At Its Best

One of Aruba's most enticing draws is its natural beauty. The Arikok National Park, a vast nature reserve covering almost 20% of the island, houses some of the most stunning viewpoints for you to explore and appreciate. Other memorable sights that should be on your to-do list are the Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations, the Alto Vista Chapel, Mount Jamanota, the Natural Pool, the Natural Bridges , and the Quadirikiri Caves. Be sure to bring active gear and your camera to capture the amazing sights and unforgettable moments.

Cheers to One Happy Island

Did you know Aruba has 30 locally produced beverages? One notable, native brand is Palmera Rum, which has been producing quality rum since 1965 - a perfect complement to a Caribbean paradise. However, if rum isn’t your drink of choice, you can always tour Aruba’s own beer brewery in Balashi.

Some of the lesser-known Aruba facts are related to its rich colonial history, thriving economy and flourishing culture:

  • Aruba is home to 96 different nationalities
  • The Arubans indigenous roots are traced to the Caiquetios, a tribe of the Arawak Indians. 
  • Each Aruban can speak at least 4 languages.
  • Their positivity is contagious, as Arubans are generous with their happiness.

Whether you're cruising into the Port of Oranjestad or flying into Queen Beatrix International Airport, you'll be arriving at one of the most amazing islands for a truly unforgettable vacation.  Aruba is your home away from home as we welcome you to the One Happy Island.  

Thank you for counting a few of the ways to love Aruba’s One Happy Island. How many people can you share this with to help spread the happiness? For more reasons to visit Aruba, check out Why Aruba.


Island Facts

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