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Couple sightseeing around the Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge

2023 Guide to Adults-Only Vacations in Aruba

What makes Aruba the perfect destination for a quiet and romantic stay? View our Guide to Aruba's best Adults-Only All Inclusives, Hotels & Resorts!

I’m not a parent, but my friends with kids always tell me that becoming a parent is the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Interestingly, that statement is often followed by them expressing that they do miss their alone time to just be a couple. Sound familiar? If so, then you may be overdue for a romantic getaway, more specifically, an adults-only vacation. Now that the kids are back in school, it’s time to sneak off to your paradise bae-cation. And what better place to take such a trip than Aruba? Aside from the near-perfect weather and beautiful surroundings, this tiny island also offers some of the best adults-only accommodations, romantic activities, and packages.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, in this blog post, I will teach you the ins and outs of planning best Caribbean vacation for couples.

Aruba's Best Adults-Only All-Inclusive Resorts

If you came to Aruba to reach peak relaxation with your significant other, look no further than an adults only all-inclusive resort. While the entire island has a multitude of great restaurants and there are many romantic things to do in Aruba, I totally understand if you want to stay put and enjoy your happy place for days on end. The all-inclusive resorts in Aruba boast a variety of romantic dining options and fun resort activities that will allow you to let loose and rediscover having fun with your partner. While there are many all-inclusive resorts offer great amenities for couples, there is only one true all-inclusive adults that is strictly for adults.

RIU Palace Antillas in Aruba

Riu Palace Antillas

At the Riu Palace Antillas you are literally offered everything you may need for a romantic vacation in a peaceful child-free environment. The resort’s all-inclusive offering includes (but is not limited to) a great selection of food and drinks. Be sure to partake in the on-site activities and enjoy the excellent daily entertainment with the one you love. If you and your partner have made it one of your vacation goals to relax together, Riu Palace Antillas is the place to be.

Aruba's Top-Rated Adults-Only Boutique Hotels

If you and your partner are into a more intimate escape, or if you’re interested in venturing out and seeing the island together, consider staying at the adults only boutique hotel on the island. You get all the charm of a luxurious vacation with all the freedom to create memories together through outdoor adventures, romantic sunset dinners, and cultural discoveries. When you stay at a boutique hotel, you are in complete control of your vacation with the flexibility to make spontaneous plans.

Front entrance of the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort during the day.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

If Aruba is the most romantic Caribbean island, that must mean it houses the most romantic Caribbean resort. And it does! Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort was named the #1 hotel for romance in the Caribbean in 2019. One of the unique romantic experiences the resorts offers is a romantic open air movie under the stars on the beach in front of the Tara wing! There are so many more romantic things to do at the resort that they dedicated a webpage to it. Have a look at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort’s official website.

New pool at Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

While Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa isn’t exclusively adults only, I believe it’s worth adding to the list. Allow me to explain. Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa has so many long term guests, that some loyal visitors have asked to bring their kids and grandkids to the resort. These guests have become family, and who would Manchebo be to turn their back on family? This is still rather uncommon as the resort does not offer amenities for kids. The environment remains very calm and intimate and caters mainly to adults. If you’re staying at this resort, one of your romantic dinners should most definitely take place at The Chophouse at Manchebo or Ike’s Bistro. The ambiance is unbeatable, the service is very friendly and personal, and the food is a real treat!

Aruba Adults-Only Resorts

If you’re not looking for Aruba all-inclusive adults only resort, but you still prefer the feel of larger accommodations, trying out the exclusive adults only location that many are not yet familiar with.

Renaissance Private Island in Aruba

Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino

Surprise! Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino's Marina hotel section grants exclusive access to adults. Once you set foot in one of the luxurious suites you won’t ever want to leave, but please do! Because there’s lots of fun to be had. Your stay at this resorts grants you free access to the famous Renaissance Island. If you really want to get away from it all, consider taking a boat to this private island. Rent a Cabana, book a couple’s massage and recharge.

Aruba's Best Things to Do for Couples

When it comes to romantic things to, Aruba is by far the best Caribbean island for adults. Not only does the happy island offer a very long list of fun Aruba activities for adults, they also fit perfectly within a romantic trip you won’t soon forget. While the activities are too numerous to cover completely, here’s a short list of my current favorites.

Vow renewal on the Aruba Eagle Beach 2018 organized by the PR Unit and the Zimmerman Agency

Renew your vows

If you’re in Aruba in August, you can be part of the Caribbean’s biggest vow renewal ceremony in the Caribbean. The Aruba I Do ceremony is one of biggest expressions of romance and love of the year. Reconfirm your commitment to one another at this sweet celebration.

Couple’s Massages & Spa Treatments

You’ve probably enjoyed a couple’s massage before, but have you ever enjoyed one by the sea? Get pampered with your partner while breathing the fresh ocean air.

Monforte Luxury Cruise

Take a Sunset Cruise

The two best ways to experience an Aruba sunset: by the water and on the water. Take a romantic trip along the coastline of Aruba while enjoying a beautifully colorful sunset with your significant other. A cherry on top the best Aruba romantic getaways.

Private Romantic Dinner Setting at Bucuti & Tara Beach  in Aruba

Enjoy Fine Dining

A date staple, going out for dinner. Treat yourselves and enjoy some of Aruba’s best fine dining establishments. The only downside to this is the variety of great restaurants available on island, it will be a while before you can agree on where to go!

Go See a Movie

Another date staple you may not think of while you’re on vacation, but if you’re so inclined, why not go see a movie? Aruba has cinemas spread across the island, some of which offer an exclusive VIP experience with lounge chairs for two and a special snack menu. Make yourself hope at The Movies at Renaissance Aruba and Caribbean Cinemas Aruba.


Take a Hike!

Seriously, go hiking. The island has so many different sceneries that even some of the island’s biggest fans haven’t seen yet. Go to the Arikok National Park and explore one of the hiking trails. Nothing says romance than getting lost together (of course you won’t really get lost as Arikok provides maps at the visitors’ center). Be sure to protect yourselves from the sun, bring a reusable bottle with enough water and leave nothing but footprints. It’ll be great fun.

What Makes Aruba the Most Romantic Island in the Caribbean?

We’ve talked about where you can stay, and we’ve talked about things you can do. But aside from all of this, what makes Aruba in particular such a great choice for your romantic trip?

Aruba has some of the most beautiful environments that are beautiful to take in alone, but sharing them with your significant other can make the experience that much more special. Whether you’re watching the waves hit the rocky shore of Aruba’s stunning north coast or you’re marveling in the vastness that is the landscapes of the Arikok National Park, the Aruba experience changes for the better. Why not experience this together?

Book Your Adults-Only Romantic Getaway Today!

Now that you’re ready to book your romantic getaway, it’s time to get your partner on board! I don’t think much convincing is necessary. Just show them this blog post and book your trip today! Don’t forget to check out our Aruba all-inclusive, hotel, and resort deals. See you soon, lovebirds.

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