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Paradera District in Aruba

2022 Guide to SUV & Car Rentals in Aruba

Find out how to get the best deal with our Guide to Aruba Car Rentals!

You’re planning an upcoming trip to Aruba, you have your flight and accommodations all sorted out, and then it hits you; do I need a rental car in Aruba? In this blog post we aim to help you answer this question!

While public transport and taxis are great options, the choice that allows you the most freedom is definitely a rental car. No fixed schedules or waiting, just get up and go!

In this blog post you will find some useful tips about driving and renting a car in Aruba. Find out how to get the best deal with our Guide to SUV & Car Rentals in Aruba!

Why Rent a Car in Aruba?

Car rental in Aruba is the perfect option for those who want to get a taste of the various activities all districts have to offer. Thanks to the rental car, you’ll be free to explore the nooks and crannies of our happy island.

Having your own vehicle saves that little extra time you could use to relax on the beach or pass by your new favorite pastechi spot. If you’re one to roam around a lot while visiting new places, renting a car could also be cheaper than taking a cab.

Is it Easy to Drive in Aruba?

Driving around in Aruba is relatively straightforward. There are very few complicated roads and street signs are clear and use a simple symbol system. When it comes to finding your way in Aruba, (Google) maps can be very helpful in locating your destination.

For more information on traffic signs be sure to check out this infographic. If you have questions about driving in Aruba, any of the Aruba car rental companies can assist you before you get on the road.

So yes, Aruba is the perfect island to explore by car! Though there is a wide variety of landscapes and diverse neighborhoods, Aruba is small enough to make travel times relatively short, and while the journey itself is fun, a rental car will allow you to have much more time to spend at each of your destinations.

Amigo Rent a Car

The Best Car Rentals in Aruba

Of course, now you’re wondering where to rent a car in Aruba? There is a great selection of reliable car rental companies on the island, so you have plenty of choice.

Are you hoping to find cheap car rentals in Aruba? Don’t worry! Aruba car rental prices are very similar and affordable for most companies, so you are better off selecting your preferred company by the fleet they carry. My advice is to look at Aruba car rental facilities, like airport and hotel pick-ups.

If you are looking for a budget car rental in Aruba, I recommend a company that offers compact economy cars. If you’re planning to explore the more rugged side of the island, watch out for Aruba car rental companies that have 4x4 vehicles in their fleet. Next, we will highlight some car rental companies that cater to a variety of needs!

Aerial shot of Oranjestad at day time.

The Best Budget Car Rentals in Aruba

Car rental prices in Aruba depend on the type of car you want to drive during your holiday. A way to get a great price for your rental car is by renting compact cars and economy sedans. Since Aruba has paved roads to most landmarks and activities, these cars provide the freedom for a fun filled vacation. Economy cars are also very fuel efficient, allowing you to affordably fill your tank and continue to explore! If this is what you’re looking for, the three companies listed below can help you!.

Wheels 2 Go Aruba Car Rental

Wheels 2 Go Aruba Car Rental has a nice selection Aruba car rental deals with budget vehicles. They pride themselves in keeping their fleet clean and well maintained for the next Aruba adventurer.

Genesis Rental Cars

Genesis Rental Cars provides ample choice for small and mid-size vehicles among other options. Once you return your rental vehicle, Genesis will take you to the airport free of charge! Another way to save on transportation fees.

Justin’s Car and ATV Rental

Justin’s provides lovely vacation experiences like guided tours but they rent cars and 4x4 vehicles too! They have a fleet of compact cars, perfect for those who are looking to get around on a budget.

Sunset Car Rental

Rent a car at an affordable price at Sunset Car Rental. The office is located close to the airport, just a short ride, and they offer a complimentary airport pick up service.

Smart Rent A Car

Offering economy car rental prices with years of satisfied customers Smart Rent A Car is your smart option in Aruba.

Aerial view of the shoreline at Eagle Beach

The Best Luxury Car Rentals in Aruba

If you’re looking to ride the L.G. Smith Boulevard in style, there are plenty of car rental companies that offer unique and luxurious vehicles; the cherry on top of any car enthusiast’s Aruba vacation! The following companies can provide you with a luxurious set of wheels.

Super Car Rental

This company offers a wide variety in vehicles, from sedans to SUVs, jeeps and vans.
Aside from their great offering and the airport or hotel pick up service, Super Car Rental offers some very interesting luxury cars, some of which are listed on their luxury division website; Exotic Car Rental!

Royal Car Rental

If you do not want to miss a second of the beautiful weather in Aruba, try one of Royal Car Rental’s convertibles. Just remember to use sunscreen before your road trip.

Super Limo Aruba

Navigate the island like a celebrity and rent a limousine! Even if that is not quite your style, Super Limo offers a selection of other luxury cars to rent, from sports cars to luxury vans and SUVs.

Island exploration.

The Best SUV Car Rentals in Aruba

Renting a car in Aruba with some extra space? An SUV or a van is the way to go! Whether you’re toting a lot of luggage, plan on doing a lot of shopping, or if you have a family reunion planned on the happy island, opting for a more spacious vehicle is your best bet! Be sure to check out the best Aruba car rentals that offer bigger cars.

Aruba Top Drive

Top Drive strives to offer consistently reliable customer service and value for money. The fleet includes different kinds of jeeps, SUVs and Vans. Aruba Top Drives offers special rates on week rentals.

XL Car Rental Aruba

Not only does XL Car Rental have a good selection of smaller fuel efficient cars, they have SUVs, Jeeps and vans available. Side note: XL recently started renting UTV adventure vehicles, great for driving around and taking in Aruba’s fresh island breeze.

Airport pick up service is available for groups up to 4 people!

Amigo Rent-a-Car

Surfers, divers, and other water sports enthusiasts may find their preferred car rental company in Amigo Rent-a-Car. Aside from the Vans, SUVs, and jeeps, Amigo Rent-A-Car has pick up trucks in their fleet. Pack your gear in the bed and go beach hopping! It’s a guaranteed good time.

Insurance and Payment

After exploring your options when it comes to renting a car in Aruba, you might be interested in practical matters like insurance, Aruba car rental prices and payment. Every car rental company in Aruba has their own deals and facilities, so it’s best to contact the company of your choice. They can help you with your booking, based on your wishes and personal situation.

Reserve Your Rental Car in Advance!

Be sure to reserve your vehicle while you’re still in the vacation planning process. Some companies have airport pickup available, so you can just get on a plane to the happy island without a worry.

Choose to rent a car in Aruba during your next vacation, and you’ll be driving along Eagle Beach before you know it!
Do you want to explore some other options when it comes to transportation? I suggest that you take a look at Motorcycles & Scooter rental companies!

While you’re planning your trip, don’t forget to have a look at our Deals & Offers page. Perhaps you will find a special discount that will take your trip to the next level. See you in Aruba!


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