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Explore the best hiking trails in Aruba

Hiking down Aruba’s dirt trails, hidden paths and prickly-pear littered plains might get hot. It definitely demands a bit of endurance.


But if you pack plenty of water and SPF, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the island’s natural wonders, blissful solitude and a dash of adventurous adrenaline. 


The hiking options Aruba has to offer

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or simply seeking a bit of exercise, Aruba has plenty of hiking trails to discover. When planning a vacation to the Caribbean, hiking may not be the first activity you think of (usually that’s suntanning on the beach, a very valid thought as well). Yet, the Caribbean islands are equipped with lush palm trees and cacti-filled plains, challenging rock formations and refreshing waterfalls. This makes hiking one of the better ways to explore the islands, Aruba included. Those seeking a challenge, some guidance, new friends or all of the above, will appreciate one of the many guided hiking tours offered on the island. Yet, with a selection of trails ranging from easy to advanced, hikers are encouraged to uncover the island by themselves. Aruba has hiking trails galore, so let’s uncover the favorites. 


Aruba’s Hooiberg Hike 

Aptly titled, the Hooiberg hike takes you up Aruba’s iconic Hooiberg – a bushy peak that looms tall over Oranjestad and Santa Cruz. One of Aruba’s famed hiking trails (not to mention, one of the most popular hiking activities in Aruba), you can reach the summit of Hooiberg via a set of colorfully painted stairs. The climb will take you about half an hour and on clear days, you might even spot Venezuela. Yet, more daredevil paths are available to those who believe the stairs to be a piece of cake. Red dots and arrows indicate a small yet rocky hiking trail that allows you to part-walk-part-climb your way to the top. No Venezuela? No problem! You’ll surely spot beautiful wildflowers and sensational cacti on your way. Perhaps, you’ll even see a mountain goat. 


Other hiking trails in Aruba  

Once you’ve climbed the Hooiberg, you might be looking for your next Aruban hiking tour, trail or adventure. Thankfully, the island is full of them. Those with restless feet can move them towards the Conchi Natural Pool, a glistening calm body of water surrounded by rocks and the Caribean sea. There are a few hikes to this natural pool of Aruba, one starting at Arikok National Park and leading alongside the island's cliffs, lush palm trees and saguaros (those cacti you see in westerns). A shorter hike leads you alongside white sandy beaches and lush wildflowers towards the Conchi Natural Pool in a bit over an hour. For the history buffs, there’s a solitary dirt trail that leads towards a decommissioned Gold Mill in Bushiribana, reminiscent of Aruba’s gold rush. Yet, hikers can likely keep themselves entertained for days amongst the natural wonders of Arikok National Park, or alongside the cliffs and beaches that circumvent the island. Choose your own adventure and don’t forget to pack your blister plasters! 


Best Caribbean island for hiking

If you’re an avid hiker (or the adventurous type of traveler) and you’re keen to vacation on one or more of the Caribbean islands, you’ll likely wonder which is the best Caribbean island for hiking. To be fair, they’re all great choices. But whereas the Twin Peaks of St. Lucia and the summits of the Dominican Republic make these destinations ideal for weathered mountain climbers, the welcoming trails of Aruba offer a more laid-back or family-friendly experience. 

Aruba, known for its sunny beaches, turquoise sea and friendly people, is also a heaven for hikers. But navigating the island's rugged terrain can be challenging. That's where a hiking guide comes in handy!

The e-hiking guide "10 BEST ARUBA SHORT HIKES" contains 10 trails that are detailed and clearly described, with sufficient photos as landmarks, making them suitable for everyone. The guide will give you all the information you need to explore Aruba's beautiful landscapes safely and comfortably.

Each trail, with hiking time between 1.30 – 2.00 hours, will take you to at least one well-known must see "tourist point" on Aruba, such as California Lighthouse, Alto Vista, Natural Pool, Ostrich Farm, Cunucu Arikok and Seroe Colorado. The hikes are suitable for everyone with basic fitness.

One of the main advantages of this hiking guide is that you do not have to book a guided tour. The guide is designed to help you navigate the trails easily and to  explore Aruba’s beautiful North coast ‘any time’ and at your own pace. You can choose for yourself which trail you want to do.

Finally, the hiking guide provides a wealth of information about the geographic, nature and history of Aruba. In fact, the guide is a great way to discover the hidden gems of Aruba that many visitors never get to see.

In short, if you are planning a vacation to Aruba, the "10 BEST ARUBA SHORT HIKES" e-hiking guide is invaluable. The hikes are comprehensive, clearly described and suitable for everyone. Best of all, you can explore the beautiful and varied North coast landscapes included the best ‘must sees’ of Aruba on your own, without the need for a guide.

So grab your hiking boots, grab the guide and explore Aruba’s beautiful North coast on foot!

Although we’ve hopefully established hiking as an unmissable Caribbean experience, hikers might also find themselves attracted to more aquatic endeavors. Aruba isn’t just a great destination for hiking, but one of the best Caribbean islands for snorkeling and enjoying white sandy beaches. You might even enjoy exploring the island via bike tour. In other words: if you vacation to Aruba, you’ll never run out of things to do. 

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