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Volunteers for beach clean up


Join us in protecting our beautiful island and promoting the welfare of our animals by volunteering while on vacation.

Turning your stay on Aruba into a volunteer vacation gives you the chance to pitch in and make a difference. You’re guaranteed to return home happy knowing you left the island a better place.

While vacationing in Aruba, you can form a stronger bond with the One happy island by helping to preserve it! Join us in protecting the beauty and health of Aruba’s beaches, live reefs, and island wildlife by signing up for one of our incredible volunteer vacation packages.

Turtle Nesting Season

Volunteers from Turtugaruba devote many hours to educating the community, as well as watching over and protecting the nests during the season.


Featured Wellness

Close up of Aloe lotions and cremes made in Aruba.

Health and Drugstores in Aruba

Aruba has several drug stores/pharmacies easily accessible from the hotel areas.

Shot of the gym inside of BrickelL Bay Beach Club

Fitness in Aruba

Grab your trainers and let’s go—Aruba has plenty of fitness options to keep you moving while you’re on vacation.

Spas in Aruba

Choose from any number of incredible spa experiences on Aruba for a healthy dose of relaxing indulgence—you deserve it!

Sunset yoga.

Yoga & Yoga Retreats in Aruba

Pack your yoga mat for One Happy Yoga Island! Not only is Aruba a tropical paradise, but it’s also a true paradise for yoga lovers.

Wellness vacation in Aruba

Is it really a vacation if you feel like you need another one by the end of it? Good news. Aruba isn’t that kind of trip…

Arubans take pride in protecting our 19-mile-long slice of paradise. From beach clean-ups to animal rescue efforts, we've launched a number of projects to ensure the protection of Aruba's incredible environment and wildlife.

While vacationing in Aruba, you can form a stronger bond with the One Happy Island by helping to preserve it!

The Aruba Reef Care Project is the largest environmental initiative in Aruba. This project focuses on ridding the shallow waters of dangerous glass, plastic, and other forms of debris. It's a great opportunity not only to snorkel but also to help keep Aruba’s beaches and waters clean.

For those who want to chip in, but would prefer to stay dry, consider opting to play your part in Coastal Clean-Up Day, practiced by 60 other nations, but a huge event in Aruba. This usually takes place in September or October.

If you'd rather focus on wildlife, considering volunteering at the Donkey Sanctuary or donating to the Animal Rights Aruba non-profit organization. This group protects everything from plants to marine life in addition to mammals. You can even adopt a dog or cat from the Animal Relief Foundation!

Volunteering vacations in Aruba consist of many opportunities, allowing you to vacation with a purpose. Feel good and have fun by signing up for one of these incredible experiences!

We’re just getting started with the amazing effects Aruba has to offer. Dig into your trip details below to unlock a Caribbean experience that will fill you with sunshine and send you home with a happy afterglow that never fades.

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