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European and Dutch

Savor authentic European flavors brought to Aruba over several centuries.

Over the past centuries, many European conquerors at one point in time considered Aruba their territory and home. The English, French, Spanish, and Dutch all left their mark on the island.

​Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and that is partially reflected in the amount of Dutch and European restaurants in Aruba. From traditionally Dutch snack bars to pancake houses and ‘poffertjes’ stands, Dutch cuisine can be found all over the island.

Repeat Visitors

Courtney Chaffin shares her favorites on the island: the best beaches, the nicest surf and the coolest bartenders.…

European and Dutch

Discover More World Class Cuisine

Asian, Indian and Thai

Satiate your cravings for sushi, Chinese, and Indian cuisine while visiting Aruba--a foodie paradise!


Enjoy international cuisine in Aruba.


Relish traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine presented in elegant fine dining and family-style restaurants.


Dine on fresh seafood to your heart's content--it's one of the foundations of our local culinary scene.

Central/South American

Explore the colorful cuisine of South and Central America while vacationing with us.


Aruba a food lover’s paradise and home to more than 90 nationalities, which can be tasted through our diverse cuisine.


From traditional Dutch to Asian, African, and Spanish, dining options are as diverse and welcoming as our people.

Local Aruba Cuisine

Discover how the melting pot of cultures contributes to a menu influenced by Holland, South America, and the Caribbean.

North American

Dine like you are home with our numerous restaurants featuring traditional and contemporary American cuisine.


Dine at one of Aruba's many styles of steakhouses--from Argentinean and Brazilian to American and Japanese.

While most Dutch food is considered comfort food for cold winter days, the food is just as tasty when you have it at a Dutch restaurant in Sunny Aruba.

Belgium, Austrian, French, Italian, Greek and Spanish cuisine also stake a claim on the island's menus.