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5 Reasons Why You Should Take an Aruba Vacation in 2020

It is no secret that many of us are on the fence about traveling right now.

At the same time, we are also craving that slice-of-paradise feeling that comes with an Aruba vacation.

Aruba anticipated that its loyal visitor would miss the happy island so fiercely. This is why a number of safety protocols were put in place that, if followed, will help keep visitors and locals alike as safe as possible, while still being able to enjoy everything Aruba has to offer. If you’re still not sure of where you should spend your precious time off, keep reading, I’ll help you decide.


1. We Are Open for Happiness

While this seems like a given, not all of our favorite vacation destinations are accepting visitors yet! In early July, Aruba Opened for Happiness to the US and was able to implement a new set of health and safety protocols and procedures. These protocols help reassure our local community as well as those who visit us. The Aruba Health and Happiness Code was introduced to hold our restaurants, activity providers, and retailers accountable by requiring extensive cleanliness and safety practices. To learn more about what Aruba is doing in terms of health and safety, have a look at this blog post: Is Aruba Safe? Travel Advice and COVID-19 Guidelines for Aruba.

Newly (2019) renovated Boardwalk Boutique Hotel

2. You’ll Have More of One Happy Island to Yourself

Since travel is slowly picking back up in several parts of the world, many vacation destinations are a lot quieter than they have been in previous years. Aruba is no exception. Don’t get me wrong, the One Happy Island is just as happy and vibrant as it has been, but there is just a little more space to go around for everybody. You’re more likely to get that beautiful vacation rental that’s usually fully booked. Your favorite restaurant is more likely to have a table available for you. And while Aruba’s beaches are never really crowded, imagine even more of that white sand all to yourself, with an unobstructed view of the crystal-clear turquoise water. Which brings me to my next point…

3. We do Social Distancing Differently in Aruba

In the last few months, my international friends have expressed how exasperating social distancing has been for them. Many of them cooped up in their homes longing for fresh air. Here in Aruba, we do things a bit differently! It is very easy to stay away from the masses while enjoying all the natural wonders our happy island has to offer. One of my personal favorite responsible activities of 2020 has been my morning walks on Eagle or Palm Beach. There’s nothing quite like it. The beaches are so wide that you can very easily walk a huge circle around one another. There are so many other activities that can be enjoyed at a distance from other people. I recommend exploring Aruba’s more rugged side If you haven’t already. Arikok National Park is the place to be for a great hike or bike and to learn more about the island’s surprisingly diverse landscape, flora and fauna.

Images taken during the LATAM production by photographer Martin Kohler. These images were edited by ​M​​ichael ​S​​alazar from MYQL Photography.

4. Reclaim the Summer You Missed Out On

In many parts of the world, summer is ending right about now. If you feel like you’ve had to let the sunny days pass you by this year, don’t worry! Come celebrate an endless summer right here in Aruba. All the fun outdoor activities you were planning to have this summer plus that indescribable feeling of an Aruba vacation!  Whether you go parasailing, paddle boarding, sailing, or snorkeling, the great Aruban outdoors are Open for happiness as well.

5. We’re Flexible Over Here!

Travel plans don’t always pan out in the way they’re supposed to, especially in times like these. This is why many hotels and activity providers have updated their rescheduling and cancelation policies to be much more lenient, giving you some more peace of mind when you book.

Speaking of booking, I’m sure you’re probably ready to secure your trip to the One Happy Island right now! Before you do, please be sure to check out our Deals & Offers page for special rates and discounts. See you soon in Aruba!

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