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7 Reasons Why Aruba is the Perfect Place for a Workation

Recently, working remotely has become second nature to many of us.

The home office is just the office now, and the break room is your kitchen. Now that you’ve perfected your work-from-home routine to the point that it has become a little mundane, it’s time to become a true digital nomad and try working remotely in another country. Now’s the time to take a workation to the One Happy Island of Aruba! To make planning your adventure easier, the One Happy Workation program was introduced.

I’m sure you’re already fully on board with this idea, but if you’re still on the fence, here are 7 reasons that will surely convince you!

Aerial shot of Rodgers Beach at day time.

1. Safety is Prioritized

Social distancing and stringent cleanliness protocols have become the norm in Aruba. There are so many Aruba activities that can be enjoyed at a safe distance from others. Local restaurants, activity providers, retailers, and accommodations alike are held accountable to uphold health and safety practices by the Aruba Health & Happiness Code. You can rest assured that the island is taking the necessary steps to help keep everyone as safe as possible.


2. No Need to Take Time Off

When you’re on an Aruba workation, you’ll be able to fulfill all the responsibilities you would if you were working remotely at home. Just pack your laptop and some sunglasses and you’re all set. All of the accommodations that are participating in the One Happy Workation program have great internet connection, allowing you to Zoom in on all your obligations. With work taken care of, you are free to enjoy your leisure time living it up in paradise. Enjoy a luxurious breakfast and a quick dip in the pool before work. Schedule a relaxing spa treatment during your lunch break. Make one of Aruba’s countless restaurants your dinner table. All without taking a single day of leave!

Bushiri Beach Located next to Harbor Arena

3. The Beach (and So Much More) Right in Your Backyard

When in Aruba, the beach is never far away! In times where we are urged to keep a safe distance from one another, one of my favorite activities is to go to the beach! Aruba has so many great beaches to choose from, you’ll almost certainly find one that is quiet enough for you to lay your beach towel or go for a swim.

Another one of the many benefits of working remotely from Aruba is that you will finally have enough time to enjoy the island beyond the beach! Visit local eateries, take nature walks, enroll in some diving classes! Feel free to (safely) approach some locals and ask them for dining and activity recommendations. Which brings me to point 4…

Locally made Aruban products

4. Your Golden Opportunity to Live Like a Local

Ever wonder what it’s like to live on the island so many people love to visit? Working remotely from Aruba will give you the opportunity to truly acclimate to the Aruban lifestyle. Here are some travel tips on how you can live your best island life!

  • If your home away from home has a kitchen, be sure to learn how to make some local recipes. We have some great ones listed here (a pastechi is the Aruban breakfast of champions).
  • Learn about the history of our people by visiting one of our great museums.
  • Take advantage of the special local perks that are part of the One Happy Workation program, because everybody loves a discount!  
Aerial shot of Aruba's lodging strip.

5. Discounted Accommodation Rates

Not only does the One Happy Workation program provide great deals on local activities, it also includes very good lodging discounts. Visit the One Happy Workation page to select an accommodation that matches your taste and your budget!

Family having a visit at the donkey sanctuary in Aruba

6. Families are Welcome too!

Workationing in Aruba is for everyone! Many schools have opted to implement online learning this semester, some parents have even decided to start homeschooling their children. If this is the case for your family, you are all welcome to work remotely right here in Aruba. Consider it a fun family adventure!

7. Christmas in Aruba, Anyone?

Here is a tip!  If you can, time your workation period to include the month of December. For some, celebrating Christmas without cold weather might seem strange. But don’t write it off just yet! We have some awesome island holiday traditions you must experience at least once! I recommend timing your workation to include the holidays.

We might have to adjust the ways we celebrate in 2020, but if I know one thing about Arubans, it’s that we always find a way to have a good time. You are more than welcome to join us!

Book your One Happy Workation to Aruba Today

Ready to relocate for a while? Great! Just head over to the One Happy Workation page for special accommodation offers, perks, discounts, rules, and guidelines. See you soon!

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