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Close-up of handmade jewelry and souvenirs at the Bon Bini Festival.

Authentic Aruba

Look for novel ways to enjoy a taste of Aruba, or bring a piece of our island back home, by buying authentic products.

Aruba is home to a historic aloe plantation and was one of the first companies in the world to make cosmetic products based on this curative gel. Aruba also has over 400 authentic, homegrown products.

Aruba offers a wealth of local products, crafts, and souvenirs that are great ways to bring an authentic slice of island life back home. Just make sure to find a quality seal or a 'made in Aruba' tag on them. You'll be surprised what Aruba has in store for you! From local cigars to rum.

Self-Care Vacations

Aloe is still used today on the island. Below is the list of 7 ways that aloe was traditionally used by local Arubans to cure any number of ailments.

Authentic Aruba

Shopping in Aruba

Downtown Oranjestad. Daniel Leo Square was the location of the commander's house - the residence of predecessors to the administrators and governors of the island, built in the first quarter of the 19th century

Shopping in Aruba

Aruba is a shopper’s paradise and a haven for locally made crafts and international brands.

Renaissance Mall in Aruba

Specialty Shops

Dive into the unknown world of specialty shops in Aruba to discover and explore fun, exotic offerings, and local crafts

Renaissance Mall in Aruba

Shopping Centers

Put the beach on hold for a few hours and indulge in some of the best shopping in the entire Caribbean region.

Clothing & Footwear

Shopping for apparel on Aruba brings you a vast selection of international, regional, and local brands to choose from.

Cosecha building located in Oranjestad

Arts & Crafts

Shopping for authentic artwork and crafts is an ideal way to take a piece of our culture home with you.

Everyday fresh fruits and vegetables available at Super Food Plaza

Grocery Stores in Aruba

Shopping at Aruba's supermarkets is much like shopping at home.

Jewelry display the Gandelman Jewelers.


Browse jewelry stores on Aruba for duty-free bargains on classic luxury brands and the latest trendy collections.

View of Maggy's store at Paseo Herencia in Aruba.

Duty Free shopping in Aruba

Take advantage of ample duty-free shopping while in Aruba for the best deals on everything from perfume to liquor.

Aruba Aloe Balm

Since 1890, Aruba Aloe Balm has been in the business of growing and processing the Aruba aloe plant. Today, the company proudly manufactures more than 50 different skincare and haircare products containing 100% pure Aruba aloe-vera gel. Pay a visit to Aruba's Aloe Factory & shops.


Arts and crafts store Cosecha in downtown Oranjestad and in San Nicolas features locally made arts and crafts certified by the national seal of craftsmanship, Seyo Nacional pa Artesania (SEYO). The SEYO or “Made in Aruba” tag found on local art and crafts signifies that the product is authentic. All other souvenirs for sale in Aruba are most likely made elsewhere.

Authentic products at festivals

The Bon Bini Festival, held at Fort Zoutman every Tuesday, features local entertainment along with a handicrafts market-style setting with local crafts, souvenirs, and homemade traditional island sweets to purchase. The Taste-Like-Buy-Festival, held every month between the Barcelo Resort and Hyatt Regency in Palm Beach offers a wide variety of local products that you can taste, or even buy and bring home as a souvenir.

We’re just getting started with the amazing effects Aruba has to offer. Dig into your trip details below to unlock a Caribbean experience that will fill you with sunshine and send you home with a happy afterglow that never fades.

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