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Browse jewelry stores on Aruba for duty-free bargains on classic luxury brands and the latest trendy collections.

From Rolex to Cartier, Aruba's jewelry stores are the official retailers for iconic luxury brands. Retailers also feature precious and semiprecious gems, gold, silver, and chic statement pieces.

​You may have already noticed the vast selection of jewelry stores in Aruba. From stores that specialize in gemstones to those that only sell silver pieces, there are Aruba jewelry stores to cater to any style.

Romantic Vacations

A walk with your significant other along Aruba’s white sandy beaches makes Aruba the perfect backdrop for a memorable Caribbean Valentine’s Day.…


Shopping in Aruba

Shopping Centers

Put the beach on hold for a few hours and indulge in some of the best shopping in the entire Caribbean region.

Specialty Shops

Dive into the unknown world of specialty shops in Aruba to discover and explore fun, exotic offerings, and local crafts

Duty Free

Take advantage of ample duty-free shopping while in Aruba for the best deals on everything from perfume to liquor.

Grocery Stores

Shopping at Aruba's supermarkets is much like shopping at home.

Arts & Crafts

Shopping for authentic artwork and crafts is an ideal way to take a piece of our culture home with you.

Authentic Aruba

Look for novel ways to enjoy a taste of Aruba, or bring a piece of our island back home, by buying authentic products.

Clothing & Footwear

Shopping for apparel on Aruba brings you a vast selection of international, regional, and local brands to choose from.


Aruba is a shopper’s paradise and a haven for locally made crafts and international brands.

Whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring for your significant other, or you simply want a beautiful new necklace, go Aruba jewelry shopping. Enjoy great prices and attentive Aruba service.